India’s First Noni Tea

Amrith Noni Premium Dip Tea

India’s first noni tea – Amrith Noni Premium dip tea is a perfect blend of taste and health. It’s made of natural fruit Noni that contains more than 700 phytochemicals. Adding to the flavours are naturally grown herbs and spices.  Lemon grass, cinnamon, pepper and a tinge of stevia trickles your taste buds and is also healthy.

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Benefits of Amrith Noni premium dip tea

Amrith Noni herbal dip tea is completely made of natural ingredients.

Noni fruit used in tea is a natural antioxidant and immunity booster with wide health benefits.

Stevia is a plant based natural sweetener with no carbohydrates.

Cinnamon along with flavour has anti-viral, antifungal & antibacterial properties.

Lemon grass detoxifies and cleanses the body. Its diuretic properties flush the harmful toxins, eliminate uric acid and lowers bad cholesterol.

Black pepper is loaded with antioxidants for overall health. It fights infections and supports weight loss efforts.

You don’t have to compromise the taste for health!

In every dip and sip, you can savour the natural and tasty Amrith Noni premium dip tea with a gift of health. Enjoy the perfect cup of noni herbal tea for an active and refreshing day,


With no chemicals, artificial colour, artificial flavour and sugar – Amrith Noni premium dip tea is the choice to sip health with taste.

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Amrith Noni premium dip tea is a Perfect Combination of “The healing Marvel” Noni, classic flavor of lemon grass, along with natural cinnamon and pepper which possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, with a tinge of stevia to bring the finest tea blend that rejuvinates and energizes for the day!

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Why choose to sip Amrith Noni Premium Dip Tea?

Based on 1250 Reviews
Amazing Taste & Healthy Product

Shankar Venugopal on Feb 28, 2022

This is one of the best product I ever tasted, never thought that a herbal tea could taste so good.


Rich in Quality

Ramesh Zalakhi on Feb 8, 2022

Wonder combination of ingredients and a refreshing taste makes this product stand out from the crowd.

Highly recommended immunity booster

Shwetha Agnihotri on Jan 12, 2022

Liked the taste and the ingredients are much healthy.

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