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The Miracle of Noni in Everyday Life

If you don’t know about Noni, it is high time you learn. If you already know about Noni, it is time to learn more about Noni. If you know enough about Noni, you will agree with me, that there is much more to learn about this wonder fruit.

First and foremost, Noni is a plant that’s looked upon as one of God’s best gifts to human race. The botanical name for Noni is Morinda Citrifolia. In Sanskrit it is known as Ayushka, which means longevity. This fruit juice is extensively used as a balancing agent.

The Power of Noni Leaf

The world today knows that Noni is a wonder fruit. It’s wonder doesn’t stop with the fruit alone. The juice extracts of noni leaves can help in healing gingivitis and sties. The leaves can be boiled and consumed like tea, to treat fever. Chewing Noni leaves can relieve sore throat. Blood clots can be prevented by applying noni leaf extracts. The leaves can be powered and used to treat burns, boils, and wounds as well. Fresh crushed leaves can be crushed and rubbed on the chest to relieve chest pain and cold. Arthritis related pain can be treated by using heated leaves on joints and painful areas of the body.

Treatment of Modern Lifestyle Diseases

All these might sound primitive. The contemporary use of Noni is in the form of tonics. Thanks to Amrith Noni. The brand that is leaving no stone unturned in taking Noni based healthcare to every household in India.

The Power of Noni Root

If leaves of the Noni plant can be used to treat so many ailments, the root of the plant is used to relieve pain, reduce fever, chest congestion. As a topical medicine, the root is used to reduce inflammation or swelling arising due to an increase of uric acid in the body, a condition known as gout.

The Power of Noni Fruit

The Noni fruit is often consumed in the form of juice. It is an excellent medicine for gingivitis, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, and other infections. Unripe noni fruits can be mashed and applied to deep cut wounds, boils, swollen areas, inflamed joints, and broken bones. Researches have proven that the Noni fruit is endowed with more than 175 nutraceuticals which make it unique and unmatched. This is how, Noni gives balance to the body, in a natural and efficacious manner.

Manufacturing and Safety Compliances

The products manufactured undergo stringent research and development stages, pre-clinical testing stage, before the final approval is given for safe consumption. The company not only grows noni fruits in its own sprawling organic farm, the herbal ingredients that are blended with the products are also grown on the farm to have better control over quality and availability.

Amrith Noni - The Brand That Spearheads the Miracle of Noni

Amrith Noni, India’s leading and famous brand that manufactures Noni-based health products, vastly uses the Noni fruit that is grown in the company-owned organic farms. Amrith Noni has treated thousands of customers across India through its proprietary medicines.

You can avail free online doctor consultation from the comfort of your home and experience the miracle of Noni fruit in your life, every day.