Amrith Noni Pain Oil - 100 ML Blue Tick

Relieves knee | shoulder and back pain | Soothes burning sensation

Amrith Noni Pain Oil is an Ayurvedic pain oil that is a powerful blend of natural ingredients, including Noni fruit extract, nirgundi, rasna, maricha, shunti, shallakki, and other herbs, carefully formulated to effectively alleviate various types of external body pain. Specifically designed to target joint pain and other common body pains such as sprains, strains, muscle pain, or chronic discomfort, this Ayurvedic oil offers significant relief. Crafted under the guidance of experienced Ayurvedic doctors and researchers, Amrith Noni Pain Oil is backed by Ayurvedic references and has undergone rigorous pre-clinical studies to ensure its efficacy and safety. It is the best pain relief oil in ayurveda today. With GMP and ISO certifications, it meets stringent quality standards and is considered safe for human use. For individuals who are seeking the best ayurvedic oil for knee and joint pain, Amrith Noni Pain Oil offers a promising solution. Its Ayurvedic formulation harnesses the healing properties of traditional herbs to provide effective relief without the risk of adverse effects. If you're looking for an Ayurvedic pain oil that is backed by scientific research and certifications, consider trying Amrith Noni Pain Oil for targeted relief from various types of body pain.

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  • Green TickRelieves knee
  • Green Tickshoulder and back pain
  • Green TickRelaxes muscle soreness
  • Green TickSoothes burning sensation
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βœ… Relieves Back pain, joint pain, Knee pain, shoulder pain, Low back pain, Chronic body.
βœ… Pains, Bearing down pains in legs and arms.
βœ… Gives strength to bones.
βœ… Strengthens muscles
βœ… Relieves Vata problems
βœ… Improves muscle movement
βœ… Helps in strengthening the cartilage and relieves pains without any side effects

Men and women both can take this product

Above 5 Years can take this product

Product Type : Oil
Marketed By: Om Sree Marketing Solution Pvt. Ltd
Requires prescription: No

Very gently massage the affected parts with 5-6 drops of Pain oil. After half an hour give a hot pack with tolerably.
If this is done twice a day, the results will be very good.

1. Take care not to allow oil to enter the eyes.
2. The oil is to be applied only on the outer areas of the body.
3. If burning, severe irritation and red rashes are seen, stop the application of pain oil and seek the doctor's advise
4. Should not be applied on open wounds.

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Buy Amrith Noni Pain Oil Online at the Best Price

Are you tired of enduring persistent knee pain, joint discomfort, or full-body aches? Look no further than Amrith Noni Pain Oil, your natural solution to holistic healing. Crafted with a potent blend of traditional herbs and botanical extracts, our pain oil offers comprehensive relief from various musculoskeletal ailments. Start your journey towards a pain-free life today by purchasing Amrith Noni Pain Oil online at the best price.

Discovering the Power of Amrith Noni Pain Oil

At Amrith Noni, we understand the debilitating impact of chronic pain on your quality of life. That's why we've meticulously formulated our pain oil to provide effective relief from joint pain, body discomfort, sprains, strains, and muscle pain. With a holistic approach rooted in ancient wisdom, our pain oil harnesses the therapeutic properties of nature's bounty to restore balance and vitality to your body.

Unlocking the Benefits of Amrith Noni Pain Oil:

  1. Targeted Relief for Joint Pain: Bid farewell to the limitations imposed by stiff and achy joints. Our pain oil penetrates deep to alleviate inflammation and promote mobility, allowing you to reclaim your freedom of movement.
  2. Comprehensive Body Pain Relief: Experience the soothing embrace of natural ingredients as they work harmoniously to ease muscle tension and alleviate pervasive body aches. Rediscover comfort and vitality with each application of our Ayurvedic oil for muscle pain.
  3. Accelerated Healing for Sprains and Strains: Don't let sports injuries or accidental mishaps hinder your active lifestyle. Amrith Noni Pain Oil accelerates the healing process, providing relief from sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal injuries.
  4. Soothing Care for Muscle Discomfort: Whether it's due to overexertion or age-related stiffness, our pain oil offers targeted relief to tired and sore muscles. Let nature's warmth alleviate discomfort and restore vitality to your body. Buy online today and experience the rejuvenating effects of our pain relief oil Ayurvedic formula.

Why Choose Amrith Noni Pain Oil?

  • Natural Formulation: Crafted from pure botanical extracts and traditional herbs, our pain oil is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives.
  • Proven Efficacy: Backed by centuries of wisdom and modern research, our formulation delivers tangible results without any adverse side effects.
  • Convenient Application: With its non-greasy texture and fast-absorbing formula, our pain oil offers hassle-free application and quick relief on the go.
  • Trusted Brand: Join thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who trust Amrith Noni Pain Oil for its commitment to quality, integrity, and holistic well-being.

Start Your Journey to Pain-Free Living Today! Experience the transformative power of Amrith Noni Pain Oil and reclaim your vitality. Don't let pain dictate your life's rhythm – take charge of your well-being and embrace a future filled with comfort and vitality. Purchase your bottle of relief online today at the best price and embark on a journey towards holistic healing.


Take the first step towards a pain-free life today by purchasing Amrith Noni Pain Oil at the best price. Let nature's healing touch soothe your aches and restore balance to your body. Embrace holistic relief and rediscover the joy of living life to the fullest with Amrith Noni Pain Oil.


Amrith Noni Pain oil is the best ayurvedic pain oil.

Achuka Phala(noni), nirgundi, rasana, haricha, shunti, shallaki, pippali, vala, ashwagandha, gokshura, neelgiri thaila, gandhapoorna thaila, tilla taila are the ingredients that are present in amrith noni pain oil.

It reduces the pain, swelling and inflammation of muscles and joint pain.

Amrith Noni Pain Oil costs 240/- for 100ml.

Yes, It reduces the pain, swelling and inflammation of muscles and joint pain.

The shelf life of amrith noni pain oil is 18 months.

Yes, it will help to strengthen the bone, joints and muscles.

There are no such side effects, but if people are sensitive to some of the ingredients, they can consult the doctor.

No it doesn’t cause any kind of burning sensation on sensitive skin, but the product should not be applied on scratches and wounds.

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