Amrith Noni Pain Oil

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The pain oil offers relief from pain and local inflammation. The herbs with anti-inflammatory action are made with a careful composition of ayurvedic products which are decided by experts after careful research.

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 A herbal formula for faster relief from pain and local inflammation. Contains well known herbs with anti-inflammatory action. Made from the advice of Ayurvedic experts, Amrith Noni Pain Oil excels in its action to relieve pain.


  • Vedana (pain),
  • Sandhi Vata (osteo arthritis)
  • VedanaShamaka,
  • Shodha  hara

regular use of this product offers long lasting relief.

 Amrith Noni Pain Oil

In our country Arthritis affects so many people that it stands only next to Diabetes! Amrith Noni Pain Oil works on Joint pains as well as any other body pains very effectively. This product contains Noni, Nirgundi, Rasna, Maricha, Shunti, Shalaki, Pippali, Bala, Ashvagandha and Gokshura which are known for thousands of years for their powerful action on pain and works like magic on all kinds of body pains to give a lasting relief. This product is manufactured by ValYou Products Pvt. Ltd.


  • Relieves Back pain, joint pain, Knee pain, shoulder pain, Low back pain, Chronic body pains, Bearing down pains in legs and arms.
  • Gives strength to bones
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Relieves Vata problems
  • Improves muscle movement
  • Helps in strengthening the cartilages and relieves pains without any side effects

 Usage Instructions:

Very gently massage the affected parts with 5-6 drops of Pain oil. After half an hour give a hot pack with tolerably hot salt water. If this is done twice a day, the results will be very good.


  • Keep away from the reach of children
  • Take care not to allow oil to enter the eyes
  • The oil is to be applied only on the outer areas of the body.
  • If Burning, sever irritation and red rashes are seen, stop the application of pain oil and seek the doctors advise
  • Should not be applied on open wounds
  • People with chronic joint pains and other arthritic problems will be greatly benefited if they regularly consume Amrith Noni Artho Plus along with the application of Amrith Noni Pain oil.
Amrith Noni Pain Oil

100ml, 50ml

4 reviews for Amrith Noni Pain Oil

  1. Ibrahim M Kazi




  3. Rakeshbr Rakesh

    Good product


    Amrith Noni Pain Oil works on Joint pains ayurvedic products. pain will be relief joint pain .

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